Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Permablitz Phase One, Part One

Last night PermaCulture GTA came out to help us start building the garden's infrastructure in a "PermaBlitz" event. A great group of people worked until well after dark to cut wood for raised beds, mark out the ground-level food garden, trim branches around the edge of the garden, and build a hugelkulture mound around the newly-constructed worm composter. There is still more work to be done (and we'll be meeting again to complete it on Tuesday August 26th at 7pm), but the progress so far is really exciting.

We also have some seedlings sprouting in the large planter box, thanks to the ladies who came out last week to plant some late-season legumes and greens. And, of course, there are the "volunteer" squashes and tomatoes that grew from the compost. They had to be transplanted during the PermaBlitz but so far they look like they will recover from the shock.

Here are some pictures showing our growing garden. We look forward to sharing more!

Marigolds in the planter box

These sprouts are in a hurry to grow!

A volunteer acorn squash

These determined squashes just keep blooming

The hugelkulture mound wraps around the composter for insulation

The worms will have so much room in the new composter!

And they look happy already.

Our champion volunteer squash

The first tomato!

Some seedlings ready for the raised beds

Another raised bed hopeful

The yard already has some lovely mature plants around the edges
This is it, folks! An idea born in a cold, lingering winter is taking shape and taking root. Congratulations to everyone whose hard work has made this happen.

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