Sunday, 5 July 2015

Questions From the Garden

I grew up around gardens, but I'm constantly running into new questions and mysteries as our plants grow (or sometimes don't). Here's what I've been wondering this week:

How did this thriving squash plant get broken off?

Why are some of the leaves on this cherry turning yellow?

Should I keep the purslane because it's edible and contains
useful pectin, or pull it out because it's invasive?

Should I thin the bush beans?

What's happening to these broccoli leaves?

I looked up broccoli pests and diseases but couldn't find this one.

Why is the nasturtium that's completely shaded thriving the most? 

Is basil always so slow-growing or is it the weather?

Can we confidently say now that the mystery squash is a zucchini?

What garden wonderings do you have?

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