Sunday, 16 August 2015

Erin's Garden Journal—August 16, 2015

August 11, 2015
The squash look much better after the heavy rain. Hard to see the state of the powdery mildew while the leaves are still wet.

Basil plants about to flower. Pinched off the top leaf clusters of each one to discourage flowers and encourage leaf growth.

Harvest for the food bank:

1 zucchini
3 bags mixed greens
2 bags basil
3 bags sage
1 bag kale
1 bag thyme

August 12 ,2015
Powdery mildew not as bad after rain, but still present

Saw a mourning dove in the garden for the first time

The transplanted yarrow has given up on flowering

Pea plants doubled in size. Two of the jute strings broke. Use cotton next time?

Kale seedlings growing very slowly now. Not enough sun, probably

Bush beans still producing, still blooming a little

Dill blooming. Pinched off all the flowers I could find (it's hiding under the tomato plants)

Young parsley coming up! Forgot about planting that

What squash produces round fruits that are bright yellow right away? Possibly a hybrid round zucchini squash.

1 pepper plant is vigorous enough that it might actually fruit

1 acorn squash could be ready to pick, but it might get bigger yet

August 15, 2015
Repaired the two snapped lines on pea trellis

Permaculture GTA's team lined the sheet mulch bed with border of sticks

Looks like we'll have ripe cherry tomatoes every day for a while now

August 16, 2015

New acorn squashes growing on eastern side of mound

Powdery mildew getting bad again. Time to try an apple cider vinegar spray?

Cherry tomatoes ripening in greater numbers now. Big tomatoes starting to lighten

Recently transplanted bee balm and coreopsis are tentatively blooming

Peas are going strong

Mulberry seedlings need uprooting again.

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