Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Garden Journal June 1 - June 6

June 5

  • Warm during the day, rained in the evening
  • Some small seedlings are looking tired of all the rain
June 4
  • Microgreen mix
  • Lettuce mix
  • Corn
  • Weeded
  • Pinched potatoes
  • Moved stones to Hugel mound
  • Worked on big rain barrel stand
  • Painted plant markers
  • Pruned low-hanging branches
  • Dog strangling vine still popping up
  • Fruit trees putting on lots of new growth
  • Strawberries have lots of unripe berries, still some blossoms 
  • First potato sprouting 
  • Only a few beans and squash sprouting 
  • Lettuce in nursery bed needs thinning again 
  • New batch of peas sprouting 
  • A few beets coming in 
  • A few nasturtiums (6?) sprouting 
  • Sage still trying to bloom
  • Aphids in the dill, making it curl up into tangled bunches
June 3
  • Open house event was a great success!
Everyone hard at work on our beautiful new rain barrel art!
June 1-2 
  • Worked on the main structure of the rain barrel stand

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