Monday, 21 May 2018

Over the course of the winter the Garden@Kimbourne committee created a formal welcome package for our members, which will make our program more successful for everybody. Along with an updated membership agreement, it includes FAQs and guidelines, a calendar of scheduled events, and links to further resources. Please take a moment to download the guidelines at this link. You can return a signed copy of the membership agreement digitally to, or bring a printed copy to Garden Together.

Thank you in advance for taking the time to read our new package. We believe it will help everybody involved in Garden@Kimbourne to participate more fully and with greater confidence and enjoyment.

Our New Community Message Board

One of our challenges has always been finding a streamlined way for members to sign up for tasks outside of Garden Together time—a way that is accessible to those who aren't comfortable with digital forms and apps. Our newly installed Community Message Board addresses this problem with a calendar-format sign-up schedule. We are seeking members to sign up for watering on most days of the week, and for Garden Together Captain on the other two. Here are what those jobs entail:

At any time of day (though ideally when the sun is not high), come and water the garden deeply. 
* To conserve municipal water, use the rain barrels unless they are empty.
* The big, ground-level bed at the back can be watered with the drip irrigation system, simply by turning the handle where the tube joins to the rain barrel. Leave it on for about 45 minutes.
* If pressed for time, prioritize seeds and young sprouts (marked by sticks, plant markers, and/or white floating row cover), and our new fruit trees and shrubs (those at the back of the property, marked with wooden stakes).

Garden Together Captain
Commit to attending your chosen Garden Together session, and aim to arrive a few minutes early. Use the combination to unlock the shed. Greet people as they arrive; if anyone is new, make them feel welcome. For tasks, refer to the to-do list in the outdoor message board and/or your own intuition. At the end, make sure that all tools are cleaned and put away, and lock the shed.

Thank you for taking the time to read this important post. Garden@Kimbourne is a volunteer-run program, and we are committed to making it accessible, enjoyable, and sustainable for years to come.

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