Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Erin's Garden Journal May 25–29

Sunday May 29, 2016
I couldn't attend Garden Together Time this day, so I left a to-do list on our little whiteboard. The carrots didn't end up getting planted, but I rarely expect our full list to happen in one day.

Wednesday May 25, 2016
It's blossom season! We have blooms on our strawberries:
On our currants:
and on our crabapple:
Not bad for perennials that have all been recently transplanted.

The red-orange blemishes on the pear leaves are entirely gone now, and most of the crumpled spots as well.
Our lettuce-turnip-beet polyculture is coming up nicely.
So nicely, in fact, that we had our first lettuce harvest of the season!
Other tasks accomplished:
Watering, watering, watering. The weather this year is just not helpful for seed germination. If it isn't downright cold, it's hot and dry. We're kept busy trying to make up for that.
Rebuilding the raised beds. This is going to be an ongoing project.

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