Thursday, 20 July 2017

Garden Journal July 12 to July 19

July 19
  • Built and put up an A frame pea trellis
  • Pruned tomatoes and squash
  • Tied up tomato branches
  • Watered bean seeds and canoe
  • Plucked nasturtium leaves with aphids
  • Black seeded Simpson lettuce 
  • Royal oak leaf lettuce
  • For The Birds grain/grass mix
  • Saw 3 monarch butterflies on the milkweed
  • Squash is very full leaved
  • Dill is flowering
  • Very hot - high 20s
  • Ripe blueberries!
July 18
  • Very hot and sunny
  • More long horned beetles are out
  • Squash is tall
Milkweed Flowers
Blooming Canoe

July 17
  • Squash is bouncing back
  • Tomatoes are outgrowing their ties
  • Hasn't rained in a while - very hot
July 16
  • Secured trellis to the back of vermiculture bin
  • Took netting off of beans, strawberries, and currants
  • Tied peas up to trellis
  • Pruned nasturtium leaves with aphids
  • Cut off all sage branches with seeds to dry
  • Put netting up the other side of A-frame squash trellis
  • Looks like thunder but still very very hot
  • Squash is looking better
  • Possibility of a permanent trellis up the back of the vermiculture bin?
July 14
  • Saved sage seeds
  • Put up squash trellis on the back of vermiculture bin
  • One squash did not want to be tied up so laid it across the vermi bin
  • Currants
  • Chives
  • Strawberries
  • Mint
  • Garlic scapes
  • Green lettuce 
  • Rained on and off during the day so only used irrigation a little
  • Two nasturtium flowers are up!
  • Small pea plants are looking close to trellis ready
  • Assorted beans are looking better under netting
July 13
  • Very hot
  • Corn is up
July 12
  • Sunny
  • Basil is looking fuller
  • Black bugs on the nasturtium leaves look like aphids

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