Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Garden Journal June 28 to July 4

July 4

  • Watered pea seedlings and beans
  • Trained pea limbs to the trellis beside it
  • Harvested a few snap peas
  • The new butternut squash plant is huge!
  • Weather nice and sunny - not too hot
  • Bee balm is in bloom
  • Aphids are undetectable on the fruit trees!!

July 2
  • Rebuilt broken rain barrel stand
  • Drained rain barrel and placed on repaired stand
  • Weather warm and sunny until strong shower later in the day
  • 300 grams Simpson Elite lettuce
  • 200 grams Rare Red romaine
  • 3 strawberries
June 30th
  • Put squirrel netting over beans and peppers because seeds were uprooted and plants nibbled
  • Sprayed with insecticidal soap
  • Emptied rain barrel to repair broken stand underneath
  • Replanted beans that were dug up
  • Weather - warm/not too sunny
  • Trying to ID caterpillar/larvae on fruit trees
  • Harvested strawberries - very good!
June 28th
  • Leveled path stones
  • Checked for aphids
  • Weeded creeping Charlie
  • Harvested strawberries, red and green lettuce 
  • Lettuce at back of the garden is completely gone - slugs/squirrels?
  • Red and green lettuce is very bitter
  • Peas are coming up 
  • Squirrels ate bean plants
  • Blueberries are iron deficient - given bloodmeal and bonemeal 
  • Peas are outgrowing trellis
  • Weather - chilly, looks like rain

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