Sunday, 20 August 2017

Garden Journal August 10 to August 16

August 16

  • 25 degrees and breezy
  • No new powdery mildew on remaining squash, so the neem oil spray must be effective
  • Tomatoes starting to ripen
  • Nasturtiums are, frankly, ridiculous. The path has disappeared.  Next year we need to make sure not to get the trailing kind.
  • The hugel mound squash has flowers now
  • The big corn stalk is blooming (is that what you call it with corn?)
  • Rust is spreading on the beans. Tried to look it up but not sure of variety. If black spores appear, we need to pull it out and bag it right away - they will overwinter in the soil.
  • 3 cosmos that self-seeded last year have pushed up through the new soil that buried most of the seeds. One is budding.
  • Some aphids in asparagus, but not as many as before.
  • The biggest melon is about 6 inches long and getting dark and stripey
  • Slugs or insects nibbling dinosaur kale.
  • Some rhubarb leaves are dying back.
  • Many orange spots on pear, but growth seems ok
  • Crabapple doing much better this year
  • Dog strangling vine has shot up in and around currant bed
  • Raspberries are definitely not getting enough light - they are all bending forward
  • Potatoes set fruit! We had to google this to find out what was happening. You can't eat the fruit, and seeds from them won't breed true, but sometimes the plants do produce them. Ours are green and round and smooth, about half an inch across. Pretty cool!

  • Added leaves to compost
  • Cut off aphid-infested radish seed head branches
  • Pruned tomatoes
  • Bagged mildewed peas
  • Sprayed squash with neem oil
  • Cut off dog strangling vine 
  • Pruned nasturtiums away from path
  • 50 g peas
  • 50 g beans
August 13
  • Harvested a few potatoes. They were small but reasonable for this time of year.
  • Took our last squash on netting trellis
  • Harvested 
  • Watered potatoes after harvesting some of them
  • Added brown matter to compost
  • One of the beans has metallic-looking rust on its leaves
  • Hose is coming loose on rain barrel closest to the shed. Also, on one stand hoses are owing elasticity / ability to cling to spigot
  • Sprayed aphids on currants with neem oil/soap spray
  • Changed the hose on the southernmost barrel to a bigger one
  • a few beans, basil
  • 200 g of mixed greens (including nasturtiums) for food bank
August 12
  • Nice in the morning - very rainy and cold later
  • Planted tobacco seeds from native plant workshop in the spot where the squash was culled
  • The other squash is maybe looking droopy - but it might just be the heat
August 11
  • Cut down rotting squash - left up healthy one beside it and will check on it tomorrow
  • Cut off tips of asparagus with aphids, then decided to spray remaining fronds with neem oil/soap spray
  • Also sprayed remaining squash on netting trellis with neem and soap.

August 10
  • Squash is looking worse. Will cut tomorrow.

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