Thursday, 10 August 2017

Garden Journal August 3 to August 9

August 9

  • Put netting around raised bed for squash to use as climbing aid
  • Put netting on growing squash to protect from squirrels
  • Planted lettuce
  • Pulled dog strangling vine
  • Harvested garlic
    Garlic ready to be dried
  • Found aphids on corn and asparagus 
  • Squash is rotting so may have to pull it out if it gets worse
  • Nice weather - no rain!
August 8
  • Squash and tomato in raised bed are beginning to drown out the blueberries
  • Melon is growing well on its new trellis
  • Garden continues to look more and more like a jungle 
  • Spat rain a bit 
  • Squash on netting trellis is looking sad - base of plant is pulled up possibly by pull of plant on trellis
  • Squash is also showing signs of powdery mildew
August 6
  • Pruned tomatoes and squash
  • Harvested beans and peas
  • Built trellises
  • Tied back tomatoes
  • Replaced one of the rain barrels with one that is a better fit
  • Chopped and dropped weeds
  • Removed pea with powdery mildew
New trellis built from Manitoba maples

August 5
  • Weather very nice and garden mostly looks great
  • Pea really not doing well
August 4
  • Rained A LOT!
August 3
  • Squash and tomato plants are huge
  • One of the rain barrels is leaking 
  • Severe thunder storm warnings and rain
Surveyed the tree species on the property:
  • Four mature Norway maples 
  • One mature white spruce (?)
  • Three large mulberries and many small ones
  • Three rose of Sharon shrubs 
  • A whole lot of young Manitoba maples

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