Friday, 20 July 2018

What's Growing in the Garden?

This is an excellent question and one we are extremely excited about answering for all you curious and amazing gardeners. By using permaculture practices, we have been able to foster some very healthy soil that supports so many different types of herbs, plants, and flowers. With this said there has been lots of planting and harvesting within the past couple of weeks. 
The peas yielded a fantastic amount of greens for both volunteers and the local food bank to enjoy.  Now that they finished providing peas, the yellowing vine and leaves have been removed from the netting above the compost bin and placed around on areas of the garden that are either empty or have newly planted seeds. This will provide more nutrients for the soil as they decompose.

One thing that you will notice once you visit the garden is the number of trellises, especially the red and green ones, around all of the tomato plants. It is an easy identifier and important to have, in order for the plants to be supported and grow properly.

Erin is planting some radish seeds
which have been paired with pea seeds
With so many fruits and vegetables finishing their harvest, both Volunteers and members of the Committee have been hard at work planting seeds throughout the garden. The photo to the right shows Erin planting some radish seeds that are located in the bed directly behind the compost. If you visit the garden you would notice two GIGANTIC trellises that are made of long wood posts, which are currently supporting some fast-growing peas. 

Cucumber & Squash
There has been huge growth for both the cucumbers and squash. Their needs of creating trellises and support from twine have been met by our lovely volunteers who are so passionate about tending to their community garden. The vegetables and the committee cannot thank you all enough for that!
Looking forward to this Sunday's Garden Together and seeing all our wonderful volunteers enjoying some fresh air and the harvests to come!

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