Saturday, 11 August 2018

August in the Garden

We are almost halfway into August and with that comes lots of exciting changes, projects, and workshops in the Garden. Just this morning we were lucky enough to host Suzanne Smoke for a repeat of her workshop on Native Healing Plants that grow in our region. She shared her knowledge about greeting the four sacred medicines as well as planting and harvesting ceremonies.

Suzanne Smoke is the Executive Director of Biindigen Healing and Arts, a member of the American Indian Movement and a traditional Knowledge Keeper. Suzanne Smoke is a respected and a passionate speaker and educator on Indigenous Issues and Culture. She was extremely generous and provided a takeaway gift of the medicine she made for each of the participants who had signed up for the workshop and sage seeds. A participant also shared tobacco seeds that she had grown from the seeds Suzanne gifted at last years workshop.

We would like to thank all of the participants, the garden committee and most of all Suzanne Smoke for coming together early on their Saturday morning to share time with one another and gain more knowledge on the plant life that surrounds us and the huge benefits they provide medicinally.

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