Thursday, 30 August 2018

Updates from August

Since hosting the Suzanne Smoke Workshop on August 11th, the gardeners have been busy with bountiful harvests. Each Wednesday we have been able to donate greens, veggies, and herbs to the Glen Rhodes food bank. Our volunteers have been absolutely wonderful when it comes to helping with tasks around the garden. Whether it be deeply watering with our rain barrels, pruning the tomatoes, re-twining our beans (that cannot seem to stop growing) or removing non-native weeds. There has been lots of growth for our tomato plants, tomatillos (which make a fantastic salsa verde), green beans and parsley!

There have been a few physical changes around the garden with the new hanging green beans. Once you step into Kimbourne garden you will immediately notice the laundry line of long beans. Volunteers can be seen eating them raw as they continue finishing the assigned tasks and socialize with fellow gardeners.

We have an abundance of nasturtium plants and flowers alike as you walk past the tomatoes located behind the green beans. Both the flower and leaf are edible and can be added to a green salad for some colour as well as a nice spicy flavour. Wherever you spot these beautiful flowers you are sure to find tomatillo and tomato plants. 

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