Sunday, 10 July 2016

Erin's Garden Journal - Sunday July 10, 2016

Sunday July 10, 2016
The heat is still bad, though we had a little rain this week. Some members have been diligently watering daily.
Four volunteers today

  • Planted new dill and sorrel from nursery
  • Planted more peas and beans (from seed) on the hugel mound
  • Built new triangular trellises for watermelon and cantaloupe vines
  • Weeded kale
  • Mulched fruit trees (again)
  • Planted sorrel plants donated from another garden

  • Pulled out some of the violets encroaching from the edges
  • Repaired one side of the square raised bed

  • Mounted new Garden FAQs sign

  • 100 g lettuce
  • 500 g kale
  • 200 g herbs (sage, basil, chives, parsley)
  • 500 g mulberries


  • Must buy pipe insulation to cover the chicken wire edges on the cucumber trellis
  • One of the currant is producing again, but—like before—the fruits are disappearing before they ripen
  • Tomatoes!

  • The cantaloupe and sugar baby watermelon both have tiny swellings that will soon be fruit

  • The cucumber on the trellis has put out many blossoms
  • The big squash under the green trellis (zucchini?) has HUGE leaves and blossoms, and a few female flowers that have just been fertilized
  • The raspberries are putting out green fruits
  • The new beans in the black container have already grown a few inches tall
  • The yarrow is in full bloom
  • The basil is doing well—ready to have its tops harvested, which will discourage blooming and encourage branching
  • The first beans we planted are starting to form buds
  • The bee balm is in full bloom
  • The asparagus is still putting up new shoots
  • The comfrey, which disappeared after planting, has reappeared: one plant near the easternmost apple, two near the crabapple
  • Found 2 aphids on the crabapple. Also found one ladybug nymph (yay! they eat aphids), but a spider had killed it (aww!)
  • The row cover did a good job of protecting the cauliflower from squirrels. It also provided a nice, sheltered environment for cabbageworms. Luckily, they had only gotten a foothold on one plant. I squished them by hand and we washed their droppings off with water. Will have to keep an eye on the cauliflowers for more.
  • Found a thriving colony of grey aphids on one kale plant. Cut away the parts of the plant where they were clustering and tied them in a garbage bag.
  • Arugula starting to form seed pods
  • The spinach has sprouted (sparsely)

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